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Team Analysis

This is where I will put links to pieces analysing teams and their tactics.

A Brief Introduction to FC. København
An exploratory experiment on Chelsea’s second round opponents in the Champions League, FCK. A tiny, bitesize, mumsy piece for all you lot who can’t digest a larger piece of footballing pie.

The Dissection of Dortmund
Woof!  An investigation into Dortmund and how they’re storming the Bundesliga this year.  This was written on the 25th of November, so if they subsequently plummet to the depths that Monchengladbach are currently plying their trade – this was when they were destructive.

Villarreal’s transposable system – the return of the Brazilian 4-2-2-2
Think you can see the most attractive football at the Camp Nou? You’re possibly right. But to see the most attractive football football in Spain outside of Camp Nou, travel an hour or two down the coast to Villarreal.

Removing the Romanticism from an Unexpected Victory: Denmark – Euro ’92.
Exploring the depths of early 90’s football, here’s a look into one of the great upsets/shocks/surprises of recent footballing history. Defensive, determined and a manager’s wife lacking a new kitchen.

Dissecting the Ajax team of 1973: Ajax 4 – Bayern München 0
Looking at the Ajax team of 1973, containing Cruyff, Keizer, Krol, Muhren and Neeskeens. Accompanied by the foundations laid by Rinus Michels, Stefan Kovacs’s team continued playing with the same ‘Total Football’ principles as Michels.

Dissecting the Ajax team of 1995: Ajax 2 – AC. Milan 0
Starting the ‘Dissection’ series, here’s a look at Louis van Gaal’s Ajax side of the mid 90’s. Against a Capello-led Milan side, Ajax’s win against them in the first leg of the Champions League should have been the start of something special.

FC St. Pauli: a tactical analysis
With their promotion in the 2009/10 season to the top division in Germany, I analyse two games against Kaiserslautern and Augsburg to examine how St. Pauli play and what are their strengths and weaknesses. (20/07/2010)

Zdeněk Zeman: anarchic, chain-smoking and something entirely different
Me, the ignorant fool that I am, did not know anything about Zeman. I only managed to get to watch one game – here are my thoughts.

Steve McClaren: can he return the bite to the ‘Die Wölfe’?
A whistlestop tour of Steve McClaren’s time at Twente, looking at what he has done in the pre-season at Wolfsburg in preparation for the 2010/11 league campaign. Contains personal reflection and nice photos.

Transforming a Mourinho side Inter a Benitez side: the defensive approach
How will Benitez change a successful Mourinho side? By playing with more beauty apparently. The two managers have contrasting approaches to defending, and Benitez may find himself teaching them how to defend the way he wants rather than lecturing Inter on how to play ‘Total Football.

Mainz show the benefit of pressing opposition full-backs
Under Thomas Tuchel Mainz have made a flawless start to the of 2010/11 Bundesliga season. Here we examine the pressing game that they employ to great effect.

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