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Wordy Nonsense

Written pieces (no diagrams) that touch on current football affairs.

The McDonaldization of English Football
I, within the comfort bosom of In Bed With Maradona, examine how George Ritzer’s principles of McDonaldization can be applied to English football. By the way, yes, they certainly can. That shouldn’t discourage you from reading though.

‘Tika-Taka’: The potential for a Footballing legacy?
A look at whether Spain’s ‘Tika-Taka’ style could leave a legacy from the World Cup, I conclude that it possibly could be the case.

Antiquated English football – Something needs to change
An examination at what is wrong with English football, casting an eye on youth development in this country

World Cups and White Elephants
Nick Robbins inspects the real problems South Africa (and Africa) faces after the successful 2010 World Cup.

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